After Effects – Timewarp Effect Workflow to Create Quality Slow Motion Video

Open After Effects and Select >New project

Next Import the files to apply the timewarp effect

>Rt. Click in the bin and choose >Import>File

Once all the clips are imported


Next have to Interpret Footage

Right click on the imported clip and choose >Interpret Footage

Can only do one clip at a time

On the "Interpret Footage" menu, near the bottom is a section called "Other Options" to loop the footage.

Loop 2x for 50%, 4x for 25% etc.

Either way, you'll need to extend the duration of the Comp Settings to fit the new length (i.e. double for 50%).

Make your composition by dragging your footage down and drop it on to the "New Composition" icon

Drag multiple clips if needed to the composition icon to make new compositions

If you drag multiple clips down to the new composition icon then choose

>Multiple Compositions to make a composition per clip

Load a composition by double clicking it to load in the composition window

Apply the Timewarp effect on the clip loaded in the composition

Adjust the
Speed to desired value:
(our example 50.00) %

Set Vector Detail to the 50 to 60 value if you have lots of render time otherwise leave it at 20

Set the Filtering to Extreme if you have render time otherwise leave at normal

Motion Blur found that it can help but can make footage look weird so use with caution

When you have your effect set correctly in the Effect Control tab

then right click on the effect and choose >Copy

Load the next composition and choose "Command V" to paste

Then the effect will be added to the composition.

Once you have added your effects to all the comps

Then select all the compositions to render and choose

Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue

Once in Media Encoder you can have endless options for


Change the render settings and the file saved destination

to start rendering click the green arrow in the top left of the window

If you notice that your compositions are getting cut off and not rendering the entire clips

You might need to add length to your comps see the next steps

Click back on the Project tab

Double click one of the compositions to load into the composition window


Composition Settings

Note the Preset will match your clips resolution

But we need to change the timeline Duration here to be as long as we looped the clip in the previous step.

Ex Looped 2 x's make the timeline at least twice as long

Add an extra couple of minutes just to make sure you can extend your clip enough to show the entire clip.

You will also need to drag the end of the clip to the end of the composition