AVID - ISIS Client Manager Log In Workflow

Step one is to contact the College Tech Staff to make you a AVID ISIS volume. You must be enrolled as a Production MFA.

To access the ISIS you must be in the Grad Hallway in CMB or the Color Correction Suite in CMB.

Go to >Applications>

Double click on the AvidISIS system

Enter in you User Name and Password

Then double click on the workspace you want to mount. You may only have one choice usually.

Your ISIS Volume will mount on the desktop

One Note – In OS X.8.5 to make volume navigation easier. Go to >Finder

Go to >Finder>

Go to the >Sidebar tab> and make sure that >Hard disks and >External Disks is checked.

To Disconnect Make sure you have Quit AVID Media Composer.
T hen>Right click the AvidISIS System Icon and choose Disconnect

Choose yes to confirm