Setting up Call Pick Up Groups for office workgroups on Avaya phones

In the old VoIP system, call pickups of a main office lines were managed by dialing 77 from a designated phone or phones within the office.   After the transition to the new VoIP system on campus, this process is a little different.   Follow the steps below to activate this service.

  1. Create a work request with Telephone Services by filling out their web form at
    In your request, identify the main number you want to be picked up and then in the ProblemDescription/Details section ask for a Call Pick Up Group for that number and list the other phone numbers you want to have that pick-up ability.


2. Once the Call Pick Up Group is created, you'll be notified by ITS Telephone Services that the service is now active. The pick up keys are 66 plus a three digit code specific to your Call Pick Up Group. To pick up the main line from another phone, pick up the handset, dial 66 and the three digit code.


Set up a softkey shortcut: Instead of dialing five digits to pick-up the line, you can set up a soft key shortcut by doing the following:

1. On Avaya and Nortel phones, select the "More..." soft key button until you get to the Prefs option. Select Prefs.
2. In Preferences, choose Feature Options.

3. Choose Feature Keys.

4. Highlight an unused Key (typically Key 2). Select Edit.

5. Select Speed Dial
6. Enter a label for the Key (what you want to call it). Press Next.
7. Enter an address. (Enter the Call Pick Up Numbers, 66 plus the three digit number assigned by ITS Telephone Services.) Press Next.

8. Skip the subject window by selecting Next.

9. Activate Auto-Retrieve of held call on hang up of speed dial call. Select Yes or No.
10. Your soft Key is now set.
11. Back out of the menu and your softkey will be displayed on the phone's screen. (In this example, it was labelled HelpDesk)