Linux - Format a Hard Drive in Ubuntu - Use Grad Suite G CMB 4.112

The Linux computer is under the desk.

Plug in your Source HD (Mac Formatted)

Also Plug in the USB or Secondary HD that will be formatted to EXT3

Press the source button on the LEFT monitor to get to the VGA input.

HDMI = Mac Computer

VGA = Linux Computer

Log in with the password


This computer is not on the internet so you will have to connect your hard

drive with the DCP on it to the computer directly via USB.

If you have files on the temp_transfer server you can mount it.

Go to the home page on the desktop and choose the file cabinet icon to open a new browser menu.

You can right click the Icon and choose “Connect to Server”

Or you can click on the side bar select the “Connect to Server”

type in smb://

Go to Applications

>GParted Partition Editor

You will have to re enter the password

Go to the upper left and choose the correct drive to format

In this case we choose the 29.08 gig drive

Selected drive has to be unmounted

>Right click the drive in the GParted editor and choose "Unmount"

Next right click and choose >Format to>ext2,ext3 or ext4

Next click the "green checkmark" to apply all operations

The formatting takes a while. A 30 gig USB will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Access permissions must be assigned to the drive.

Select the drive in the sidebar to access the name of the drive that appears in the top of the "finder" window highlighted with the square in this frame grab

Right click the drive in the side bar to get the properties

Open terminal 

and type in
sudo chmod 777 and type in the following:
sudo chmod 777 /media/cmb4112/ (followed by the name of your drive)

Use the name of the drive shown in the properties of the above example.

Here is an example:

sudo chmod 777 /media/cmb4112/6ebcdf21-f950-432d-b05c-32361936626d  (or the name of your particular drive don't use this example)

Finally copy the DCP files from your Macintosh HD to the EXT3 formatted hard drive.

When files finish copying over you can remove your Hard Drive from

the computer.

Right click the drive in the sidebar and choose > Safely remove

Log Out
Switch monitor source back to HDMI for Mac