Permissions to See an Entourage Calendar

You may be interested in seeing another user's Entourage calendar. You may have different levels of access/permissions to that person's calendar depending on your role in your organization. Here is a basic how to for getting/giving permissions to see another's calendar:

1) To grant permission to another user to access your calendar, open Entourage, Right Click (Control-Click) on the Calendar you would like to set/change permissions on. From the choices that pop-up, choose Sharing. (you may also get to this pane from Folder Properties/Sharing tab). 

2) Once the Sharing pane opens, click on the Add User button. When the Add User box opens, type in the name of the person you want to have permissions to your calendar. Start from last name first followed by the first name and do a search. Remember that the person you are giving permissions to must be on the AEMS (Austin Exchange Messaging Service) to be able to see your calendar. When the name shows up, select it, and click OK. This would put the name of the person into the permissions box.

If you need to give permission to a distribution list to access your calendar (as is the case if you are a STAR Advisor giving access to the "Communication Star Dist List"), you will type in the name of the list and perform the search.

3) With the name selected, select a permissions level from the pop-up menu. This will automatically assign the correct permissions to the user. Alternatively, you may choose each permission action individually. Once done, press OK. Your calendar should now be accessible on his/her Entourage calendar. 

4) To view another user's calendar in Entourage after you have been granted permission to do so, go to File and then select "Open Other User's Folder ...":

5) In the dialogue box that opens, type in the name of the user whose calendar you have been granted permission to view, or use the Address Book button to find and select the user.  

6) After choosing your designated user, make sure that Account is AEMS, and that the Type is Calendar. Click OK.

7) The user's name and calendar should show up on the left column folder list. Click on the user's calendar. The user's calendar should show up and you should be able to see the other user's calendar. What you see depends on the level of permissions that the first user gave you on their calendar.