AVID - How to add a Watermark to Your Video Timeline

  • Unzip the downloaded file

  • File folder will be displayed when file is unzipped

  • Open your AVID project
  • Go to >File>Open Bin

  • Navigate to your downloads folder and select the folder and choose "Open"

  • Choose the .avb file that matches the frame rate of your project. 2398 or 2997and select Open

  • Now the title is open your project.

  • Select the timeline you want to place the title on and go to >Clip>New Video Track

  • Patch the Source V1 track to V2

  • Choose the 23.98 or the 29.97 title depending on the format of the AVID Project
  • Load the title into the source window by double clicking it. If you get an error about frame rate then load the other title.

  • Place your inpoint at the beginning of the timeline
  • Deselect all other tracks in timeline so you only overwrite on V2
  • Overwrite the title to V2 by clicking the red overwrite button several times till the title has covered the duration of the timeline.

  • With the timeline selected go to >Clip > Render In to Out to render the timeline


  • Now its ready to export see this link:


  • or if that does not work then use this one:


  • Or try this lower quality workflow