Copy of LiveStream - Setting up to Webcast an event

Use the College's LiveStream account to webcast the event. 

College of Communication's LiveStream account -

Log in to the account to create an event

Create Your Event

Create your event
Name your event

Set the date and time of the event


All times are EDT.

To create the event click the

OK, let's go button


Customize your event

When you customize your event

you can create a custom URL,

add a description, add an event

poster to brand your event,

and add Tags.

Start the Stream

Using the computer in the auditorium booth launch LiveStream for Producers

Enter the account username and password

 The username and password can be found here on this Stache entry.



Choose your event

From the drop down menu

choose the newly created event.

Choose the camera

From the drop down menu

choose H.264 Pro Recorder

Set the quality level

On most laptops, choose Large, Medium, Mobile.

Note that choosing HD quality will often overtax the system and crash the program.


To begin streaming click the

GO LIVE button

Once the stream begins you will see the HUD where you can view the Timecode, CPU usage, Data Rate, and FPS.

You will also get an indication of how the stream is performing. You want to always see the green "Perfect Streaming"

If the computer can not handle encoding all the necessary streams then the CPU will begin to suffer performance issues

and can cause the stream to crash.


To end the stream click the STOP button on the HUD.

At the end of your event, Choose to delete or keep the recording.

Note that you can keep the recording but not publish it if desired.

This keeps the public from seeing it but allows you to download it later or trim the beginning & end before posting it.

CAUTION: Clicking DELETE will delete the video that was just recorded and it will be gone forever.
Do not click DELETE unless you knowingly want to delete the stream that was just recorded.


LiveStream Links

College of Communication's LiveStream account -

Logging into Stache:

LiveStream for Producers App

LiveStream FAQs