ProTools - Surround Suite Playback Test - Prepare For Surround Re-Recording Session

Log into the computer as
The password that we tell the mixers to use. . .

Open Focusrite Control

Close this screen

If you see Sync is RED
Bad we need to change this

To change the Sync
>Device Settings Tab
>Clock Source
>Then Sync will eb Green

Next go to >File>Load Snapshot

Navigate to
>Focusrite Control Snapshots>Select the one for the suite you are in.
4C may be in a slightly different spot

Quit Focusrite

Open ProTools

You can choose Open Recent
Copy of Pink Noise

Or if it's not there

Choose Open From Disk

Look for the session called Copy of Pink Noise with the pink dot

Then choose >Setup>I/O

Should look like this
But if it doesn't

Choose Import Settings

Choose >Storage drive>
Go to the pink noise session and open the

Choose No here

Choose ReMap here

Then click OK to close that menu

Play the timeline

Then unmute each channel

And test the sound level with the SPL Meter

Small 4.112 Suites shoud be 80 L,R,C
77 Ls Rs

L,R,C 85
82 Ls and Rs