How to Shoot Using Filmic Pro and How to Offload Media (iPhone Workflow)

You MUST follow these steps to have good quality video coming out of your Filmic Pro app.

If you do not follow these steps you may LOSE your files. So please follow these steps. 

Make sure to open your app. If it doesn't look like the image here something may be wrong with your app.

Click on the SETTINGS tab.

Then select VIDEO.

Once you're in that tab. Make sure your settings look like the image shown.

(Unless told specifically you can change these settings in class).

Set settings to:

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 1080p

Filmic Setting: Filmic Extreme

Video Codec: H.264 (Never change this)

Video HDR: Unselect

Once you've changed those settings then select the FRAME RATE tab on the top right of that screen.

Then make sure your CAPTURE & PLAYBACK FRAME RATES are set to 24fps.

Once your done leave the VIDEO SETTINGS tab and select the DEVICE SETTINGS tab.

Once in DEVICE SETTINGS make sure SAVE TO CAMERA ROLL is checked ON.

If it is not you will not actually save your video and you will LOSE all of your work.