CMB 4.130 TV Production Control Room - Change Studio TV monitors via Video Router



This document is for the instruction of how to route common alternate sources to Studio Floor Monitors.Note that when you change the Studio Salvos that the AUX Mon routing goes to default which will change any of your previous settings.

First to get to your Main Menu go the panel and select the back button located on the upper right hand side of the router panel:




You should now see your Main Menu selection on the far left which is lit in yellow.


Select the AUX Monitor button. You should now see your SRC/DEST  menu Selections:




For this example  MON 13 is selected for the destination (Which is the Flat Screen located in front of the switcher in the PCR). 


After selecting the destination select the source, in this example the source will be TEST 01(Bars) to route to MON 13. Once the source button is selected you should see the signal

appearing to the monitor destination.






Reviewed 10/9/17 - Cox