CMB 4.130 TV Production Control Room - How to route Souces to Destinations using Router System

May have to hit the back button a couple of times to get the home "Menu" to show up

When the

and Dest

Button pops up this is what you want to press

When you look at the router you see two sides Left side is the destination

Right side is the source

You will need to pick a destination any destination.

This will enable us to choose the destination we would like to route to.

We need to use the up and down buttons to see all the destinations.

Use the buttons to navigate to the page that contains the destination you are trying to route to.

In our example we are going to route to the CER QC Monitor

Choose the source to route to the Destination – In our example we are going to choose SKYPE 1

Choose TAKE

On the Destination side you will see the button update with the new routing

We see that SKYPE 1 is now routed to CER QC

If you look at the control RACK room you will see the Skype computer is routed to it.

Utah Router


Reviewed 10/9/17 - Cox