Saving a Web Video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Using Video Download Helper and Firefox

Go to Firefox - You have to have the latest version of Firefox installed if you don't then get a proctor or tech staff to update your browser.

Launch it
Add on for Video Download Helper can be found here and it needs to be installed
Click on Add To Firefox

Click Add to Firefox
Click Add

The next message you will get is "Congratulations"  But do not install anything else!!!

Then locate the Video Download Helper multi color icon in the upper right corner of the window> Click on it

Choose what size file to download >
Try to find the biggest choice so your quality is best

You will then get this menu - Choose to "Use browser"

You then get this message anyway - Ignore it you file will be downloaded to your downloads folder.

Here it is in my Downloads folder

Done you have a file to use in AVID or any other Editing application.