How to override a Wheatstone Mixer Input (advanced)

Pick the Channel you would like to change the input and hold down the A/B button or "OverPress" it till it lights up RED

The Input channel of the slider will appear in the Wheatstone Interface software as the selected tab. In our example Input 12.

Press the Input Source Knob that is on the audio board in the upper right quadrant.

Turn the knob and while turning look at the LED on the slider channel and will see the sources changing.

Look at the LED name of the channel you would like to change and you will see the input change as you twist the knob

When you get to the source you would like to select press the top of the Input Source Knob again to assign the input

Now if you look at the input you will see the new source

Make sure you toggle OFF and ON the Channel for the change to take effect.


Reviewed 10/9/17 - Cox