How to connect Microphones, IFBs, & Intercoms in TV studios

The IFB or in ear monitoring devices are stored in the top file cabinet drawer in Studio 4E Control Room

There are two parts to the IFB One part is the "Lavilier Microphone" the other part is the "In Ear IFB"

Open the Microphone and put in an AA battery.

Make sure you remove the battery after use. Do not store microphones with batteries in them.

There is a Female XLR connection under the Newsdesk that you will plug the microphone into

This is what the connection looks like when it is plugged in.

Next setup the IFB earpieces

Plug in the IFB mini plug into the small black box with the mini jack under the desk

Put the Lavalier mic on your shirt

Place it according to the figure to the right.

Here is another best practice Lavilier mic placement image

Put the IFB earpiece in your ear

Under the newsdesk

Turn the knob to increase and decrease the volume in the IFB

When the newsroom presses these buttons then they can talk to the IFB earpieces

Reviewed 10/9/17 - Cox