Upload a .h264 video to Vimeo

Open a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Type in the address 'vimeo.com'

Select 'Login' or Join if you do not have an account

Type in the account name & password.

You can also log in with Facebook, Google or Apple ID

Once logged in click on Videos

Select 'Upload'

Navigate to the .h264 video

Select the video and click 'Open'.

Vimeo will display the progress of the video upload.

While the video is uploading, click on it and fill out some General Information

fill out the Title, Description, and Tags information 

Change the Thumbnail image

Change the security settings if you'd like

Select 'Save changes'

Once the video is uploaded you can choose to 

Copy the link video link to send out to folks you'd like to share the video with.