Maya - Rendering Using Multiple Computers

Create a shared storage space on either EditShare or AVID ISIS
Tech Staff can set this up for you.
Or you can create a storage folder on the temp_transfer server on your own

Load the Maya Project on the Shared Storage volume.

Create a folder that you want to put the file renders into on that shared storage volume

On every station you want to use in the "render farm"
Mount the shared storage volume

Open the Maya Project from this shared storage volume

Go to >File>Set Project

Set the storage to the folder that you want to save the rendered image files to.

In our case>ADV 3D>scene>
Images is where we are going to save to

Click Set

Choose Create default workspace

Maya will place a small file so it'll use the folder for rendering

Next go to >Render>
Render Settings

Render using mental ray

File naming choose what you would like here

Frame Range
Choose the frames you want to render and make sure "Skip existing frames" is checked

Stereo Camera pair for 3D work

Image size would be for HD or 2K or whatever

Go to >Render>
Batch Render

The default settings here are fine

Choose continue here