Pro Tools – Recording Workflow CMB 1st Floor

Make sure the Thunderbolt cable is plugged into the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro as shown here.

Check that the Thunderbolt cable is plugged into the iMac

Go to the
>Apple>System Preferences

Go to the Blackmagic Design setting

Click on Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme settings button

Set the following settings in this frame grab

Output>HDMI and Component

Default Video standard as HD 720p 60

Open ProTools>File>
Create New Session or open existing session

Create a session

Name it

Choose 24 Bit

48 kHz

Choose a location to save the file and then select


Track>New Track one track

Create a Mono Track

On every track

Go to the "Edit Window View Selector" drop down

Choose I/O

Set all channels to Output to Stereo Monitor (Stereo) or Stereo Monitor L and or R depending on your needs.

Next, Import the video into the project

Choose Import Video

Turn on the two Dell Monitors. 1 in sound booth and 1 in control room

Navigate to the video file that you want to view in the ProTools session

Choose to import at Session Start

When recording audio to eliminate the headphone latency you can turn on

"Low Latency Monitoring"

Turn on Mute Make sure that the input is on MIC and 48V phantom power is on

Turn the knob that is shown in this picture to turn up the input level into the system

Most suites you are recording to P1 but in 1.108A we can only record to P2 so you need to

press the "Push 1/2" knob to change inputs and then you can turn up the level going into protools.

Select A1 as the source for the track you would like to record

OR IF YOU ARE IN CMB 1.108A CHANGE TO A2 as A1 is broken

Check Levels in ProTools

Your track should also be "record enabled"

Should see input levels in ProTools I/O view. Set inputs so the levels are in the green to yellow areas.

Record as needed using normal ProTools recording procedure by hitting play on the transport window while the record button is enabled.

If levels are going into red then turn down P1 on HD OMNI hardware

Some suites have the Mackie Big Knob

ProTools and AVID Inputs are labeled and use Monitor Select B

make sure Mute is not pressed

Some of the Suites on the 1st floor have a Mixer. The mixer settings are shown here.

Channel 1 and 2 are AVID playback are ProTools playback

Also turn up the Master audio on the Board labeled Volume