AVID – Adobe Premiere Output to Monitor Settings CMB Undergrad Edit Lab 4.120

Make sure the Thunderbolt 3 adapter is connected to the IMac and to the thunderbolt cable from the computer to the Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4K Input and Output box.

Turn on the OLED LG or the Panasonic Plasma using the Remote – Make sure it TV is set to HDMI it should be already!!

Plug your headphones into the PHONES output on the ROLLS Amp. 

Make sure amp is powered on. 

Go to >Apple>System Preferences


Select Output Tab > Blackmagic Audio

Select the application that you want to run and launch it.

AVID Audio will be routed out the headphones and Video will be on the monitor automatically

Image result for avid

Premiere - You have to set the preferences to get it to work

Choose "Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Playback..."

Choose Blackmagic Playback

Click OK

Choose "Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Audio Hardware..."
Make sure you Preferences look like this
If you get this error click Yes
Click OK

Don't forget to pan

channel 1 LEFT


channel 2 RIGHT

and don't use any other tracks