AVID - How to Access The Free Student License

You will get an email from AVID Welcome get

started with Media Composer

Click on Get Started

Put in the email you use to log into AVID.com

Note use the same email address at which you

received the invitation to the program

Put in the password and Log in and verify

Will have to verify you are a UT student

so go through all the two factor steps

You will eventually see successfully verified

Click on Get Media Composer

Should auto log you into your avid.com account

You will see this type of AVID License in your account.

(Team Access University of Texas)

The installers will be available to download 

The installers will be available to download 

Go to >My Products >AVID Download Center

Choose Avid Media Composer

Choose the Current Release Version

Pick Windows or Mac 

Double click Install Media Composer

Choose Allow

Choose Continue

Only choose to install Media Composer Editing Application

Do not choose Client Cloud

Media Composer Enterprise


Choose Install

After you install click I want to activate my software using AVID Link

Sign in using the user name and password for your AVID.com account

Once logged in
scroll down to Media Composer and choose License

Choose Use License

Then Media Composer will activate as shown here and will show

Activated then you can either Open AVID by selecting

Open from the drop down menu or just double clicking the AVID Media Composer icon