ProTools - Video and Audio Monitoring Setup in CMB Grad Suite Edit Labs -

 Audio will play through the speakers out of ProTools but must follow these steps

Unplug the thunderbolt cable to Black Magic Design Thunderbolt Shuttle


 Plug in the thunderbolt cable

Blackmagic Shuttle is connected via the Thunderbolt cable to the computer.

Make sure the Headphones are plugged into headphone jack on Mac Pro

Use the TV Remote>

Turn on the Monitor and make sure you select the HDMI input

Select the Aux Input and

Turn up the volume.

Make sure Speaker A is also lit up

This Aux Input will also boost audio

Make sure that the Aux button is not pushed in CUZ that'll make the audio not work

Go to >Apple>System Prefs
System Prefs>Blackmagic Desktop Video and click on it
Make sure you see the Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt

or the AVID Artist DNxIO or the Ultrastudio 4K Extreme

Launch ProTools

Click OK Here

Click OK Here

When ProTools opens click "Cancel" on the Quick Start Dialog. We do not want to open a session yet.

Need to set up the routing and Playback Engine first.

Go To Setup > Playback Engine

On the Playback Engine Drop Down choose Blackmagic UltraStudio or Thunderbolt. . .

Change the HW Buffer to 1024 Samples

Click OK

Now go to Input and Output setup

Go to >Setup>I/O

Click "Defautl" on the I/O setup

Then Click OK

Now that the routing and hardware is set up open the ProTools session if you have one created already or make a new session.

Navigate to the session and open it or create a new session

To create a new Protools session

Type - Session

Name - (session name)

File Type - .WAV

Bit Depth: - 24 bit

Sample Rate: - 48kHz

I/O last used

Location - set to your hard drive NOT THE DESKTOP!!!!

Next Import the video into the project

Choose Import Video

Navigate to the video file that you want to view in the ProTools session

Choose to import at Session Start

Choose to enable the Video Engine

Click Yes here

If you would like to use the audio off the video file choose to save it to the default Audio Drive folder

Choose the video resolution of the file from the choices.  Probably best to choose a 1920x1080 that is the most common

Make sure all the audio outputs are routed to the Built In Line Output 1-2 Stereo Mac Pros or Out 1-2 Stereo Built In Output 1-2 IMacs

Then you should see image on the TV and hear audio the speakers

If you do not see image on the Externa Monitors redo the entire rebooting process again and make sure you unplug the thunderbolt cable and power cycle the Black Magic Intensity.  It should fix it.