This is the suite that you can patch in the Digibeta and HDCAM into the studios

If you want to playback from any of the suites to the studios then you can skip this step.

Patch using the long SDI "Blue" cable with the BNC to patch adapter on it. Patch out of the deck you want to use.

Patch into tieline #1 to the CMB Rack Room

Go to the CMB Rack Room – (you will need a key) TechStaff has to open this room for you.

Patch out of EDIT G

Patch into the SPARE DA 2 IN

With another patch cable patch out of SPARE DA2 into the studio you want to use

In this case we are going to patch into Studio C or LAB C

Lab = Studio (namimg)

If you want to verify signal from the suite first before looking into the studio you can look at the TVLogic Monitor "B" input by patching into it shown here.

Once you have verified signal playing back from the suite. Put the patch cable back to the studio you want to playback.

Now go to the studio. You must get techstaff to open the A/V racks in the studio.

Use a BNC cable and patch out of CER TIE 2


To the ADJACENT Rack NOT IN THE SAME RACK so you need a longer BNC CABLE.

On the Crestron Touch Panel> Press Auxiliary Input and then choose the HD-SDI checkbox
If you are having trouble as in you see the image go off and on and or hear a high pitched sound frequency you might need to reboot the Bright Eye Mito > power cycle it.
Unplug it.

It's located in the A/V Rack on the top shelf.