DaVinci Resolve - How to Relink Offline Media from a Exported Project

Use this workflow every time you work on a DaVinci Resolve Project to create a backup project.

File > Export Project.

You will have to save first before exporting

Choose a place to save the file in this case we are using the tempstorage drive.

click Save

Export is finished successfully

Copy this DRP file onto your new computer.

Open up your new computer system, launch DaVinci

then in the Project Manager make a new project timeline (create a folder first if you want, such as Music Videos or such for organisation). Right click inside it and select import and navigate to your exported project file save. It will then basically copy and paste all material to your DaVinci's default scratch disk (unless you moved it prior). Alternatively you can open a new fresh project timeline then File > Import Project.

Once done that open up the project and then go to media page to refresh the location of the media as you will have moved it also probably to your new system unless its on a network or something.

Click on Media Tab
Go to >File>Import Project

Go to your .drp file

click OPEN

Open Project Manager

File>Project Manager

Open your project that should show media offline since you moved computers and or hard drives
Go to Media Tab
select all the offline files and choose Relink Selected Clips
Choose the location of the files and click on 'Open
All the clips will relink