Rundown Creator - Teleprompter - IMac Display Settings and Quick Start Guide

Go to Apple>System Preferences

Choose Displays settings >

Choose Arrangement > Turn on Mirror Displays

Set the VGA Display to Optimize for VGA Display and choose the Option > Best for VGA Display

Log in

Go to

Click on Load a rundown

Choose a existing rundown or

Create a new rundown in Moody College of Communication

Create a New Rundown

Choose a Template

Title it

Start and End Date and Time you are going to use the script

Choose what folder to save the file

Click on "go" when all the data is entered

To add text to the script double-click on the "A1" yellow highlighted square

Copy and Paste your script in the blank box and or insert "Script Templates"

from the drop down in the lower right hand corner

Save and Close when the script is ready.

Click on the TITLE BAR to load the OPTION >

Choose OK here

Once in The teleprompter mode to change the font click on "Settings"

Change the font size to 75 or whatever they find comfortable

To save make sure you click on "Save these setting as the group default settings

Next Turn off Always Show Bookmarks Bar and turn off Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen

Also Choose to Enter Full Screen mode

Use the Mouse to control the speed of the scroll up or down.

To finish hit ESC to stop and you can turn on the tool bars and exit Full Screen mode.