Plural Eyes version 3 - AVID Round Trip Sync Workflow - This doesn't work with Plural Eyes Version 4!!!

Use this wiki instead please for syncing in AVID using waveforms:

AVID - Using Audio Waveforms to Sync Double System Audio



Bring media in via AMA appropriate workflows

Import Audio Files

You will have a bin of Video files

Also there will be a bin of Audio files

Make a timeline and place all the clips image and Sound Clips into the Timeline

Mark an in and out point of what portion or all of the timeline to export

Export this as an .aaf file for Plural Eyes

Click on Options

Use these settings for .aaf export

Click on the Video/Data Details

Click on the Audio Details

Choose to save the file as an .aaf and choose the location

When Finished Quit AVID and open Plural Eyest

Choose >File>New Project from Media Composer

Navigate to the .aaf file

The process will begin to bring into Plural Eyes and Prep Media

Once it has been processed

It is ready to sync

First try turn off all the extra settings. Make sure they are unchecked.

Allow Sync to Change Clip Order

Level Audio

Try Really Hard all unchecked.

Go to Sync


Syncing will start

Save the project

Choose a location to save the project file

Click Save

After the synchronizing is finished you need to send the information back

to AVID.


Go to >File>Export

Choose Media Composer and AAF>Click Export

Export will appear as a completed export and timestamped


The export will go to the same location as the imported .AAF

File Structure will look like this.


Save project in Plural Eyes and close the application

Open AVID again

Open your project and import the newly created .aaf


Open a Bin and go to >File>Import>

Navigate to the .aaf file in the folder that Plural Eyes created


Click Open

Check Sync in AVID > If there are still files that didn't sync then re import your

.aaf into Plural Eyes and do another pass.



Try the next pass with Level Audio turned on and then export that into AVID.

Then try the next pass with Try Really Hard and Lastly Allow Sync to Change

Clip Order. But only try these if you are not having any luck with sync when they

are off.