CMB 4.130 TV Production Control Room - Broadcast Journalism Premiere Video Playback Operators Workflow

Setup the System Preferences on the Computer -


After reboot make sure the white Thunderbolt cable is plugged into the IMac
Go to Apple > System Preferences
Go to the Blackmagic Desktop Video preference and double click it
Click on this icon to access the settings for HD Playback

Make sure the Output Format is set to 108059.94

Click Save

This is how the settings should be set.

108059.94 for everything

You can close the Desktop Video Utility

Go to >the Dock or the >Applications Folder>Open Adobe Premiere

Open a new project

Name the project and choose where to save it and hit OK

Create a new timeline/sequence by clicking on the new item icon

Choose "Sequence..."

Choose "Canon XF MPEG2 > 1080i > Canon XF MPEG2 108030..."

Name your timeline/sequence

Click OK

Your project window should look like this
Download your files from box

Drag you clips into the timeline
If you get this warning, choose "Keep existing settings"

Set the Premiere Playback Preferences

Choose > Premiere Pro > Preferences > Playback...

Choose Blackmagic Playback

Click OK

Click OK

Go to >File>Save or Save As... 

Call it Playback A or Playback B depending on what IMac you are using

Save on the tempstorage drive

When Cueing up each clip, be sure the play head is at the VERY FIRST frame of video.