Adobe Premiere Pro - Export a still image from a frame of video

This workflow will show you how to export an image file from a frame of video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Place (park) the playhead on the frame of video you would like to save as an image.

Click the Export Frame button located on the button bar at the bottom of the canvas window.

After clicking the Frame Export button the Export Frame dialog box opens. Here you can:

  • Name the file
  • Change the format (DPX, JPEG, PNG, Targa, TIFF)
  • Set path to Saved Image

Attention: If you do not have the Export Frame button available do not panic.

It can very easily be added to the toolbar.

Click on the PLUS sign in the bottom right corner of the canvas.

This will open the Button Editor.

The Button Editor allows you to customize the tool bar for easy access to the tools you use most.

Simply drag and drop a button to the button bar.

You can always revert to the default layout by clicking the Reset Layout button.

Once you have completed customizing the toolbar just click OK.