AVID - Applying Audiosuite PlugIns to Master Clips - Time Shift to Adjust Audio Speed

Applying Audiosuite PlugIns to Master Clips 

  • AudioSuite plug-ins can go on master clips as well as on segments


  • This example - Time Shift plug-in on a master clip. The Time Shift plug-in can be a lifesaver when your voiceover talent is a slow or fast talker or if you want a deeper tone.

How to use Time Shift Plug In example – Extend Narration segment 
Play the sequence till you get to the segment you want to change

The Narration clips shown here sound rushed.

The goal is to slow down the narration so that the narration fits the in and out points shown here.



Go to >Tools>AudioSuite



Open the bin that hosts the clip you want to change in our example its VO 0531

drag the VO 0 5 31 clip onto the
AudioSuite window.



  • VO 0531 is what we want to use
  • Drag the clip to the AudioSuite Window


Choose Time Shift Plug In from the drop down and then click on the purple plug in icon to open up the AudioSuite plug in dialog.


Choose Monophonic mode as most Narration is mono.


To change the clip's length, rotate the SPEED knob until speed is at around


Note the duration of the clip in timeline looking at the center duration

Look at the duration of the clip before and after processing

Look at the area marked in the timeline showing the new in and outpoints of the processed clip


REMEMBER ALT/OPTION Click on the knob will reset the setting to default


Preview and Bypass to hear the changes


While previewing change the pitch to 85%

Hit preview to stop


Click OK to apply the plug in


Click on the "Render" Icon to render the clip

Make sure the clip is rendering to the correct Storage Drive

Also choose what Bin the clip will be saved to


The Audio will be rendered to the bin chosen


Click the Load Result check box to load the timeshifted clip into source monitor


Edit into timeline

Check the durations there should be 5:08 and 5:07