SurCode Plugin Printmaster Workflow Using ProTools 4 CMB4.108A and ProTools 5 CMB 4.122

Open your ProTools Session or Create a new Session and import the 5.1 tracks you would like to turn into an LtRt track.

 Make sure the Routing of the session is correct. To do this-

Go to >Setup>I/O


Go to Import Settings

Go to the templates folder again and choose the UT RTF Default pio


Click Open

Open your existing Mix session or create a new one

To make a new session to add your 5.1 tracks n to mix down to LtRt do the following.

Open ProTools and make a new session.  


Wav file type 48KHz

24 Bit





Choose where the session will be saved


click Create

Go to >File>Import>Audio

Navigate to the 6 channel audio files that should

be organized in the following order

Left = 1

Right = 2

Center = 3

LFE = 4

Ls = 5

Rs = 6


Or if you have one Surround Interleaved File

Select It and it will come in correctly

Select the audio tracks and choose "Add All"


Then click Done

Choose New Track as the Destination


Click OK


Go to File>Import>Session Data

Navigate to the Printmaster Template Folder that is on one of the Storage Drives of the Computer

Open this folder and select the ProTools session with the .ptx extension

Import Session Data Settings. Select all 4 tracks to import as New Tracks>Copy from source media>Link to source media and Maintain absolute time code values - Click OK

After the 4 tracks import, select all the tracks in the session not the printmaster tracks just the tracks in your mix session

Go to the Mix Window

Then change the output of each track by clicking on the Output path in the "Audio Path Selector"

Selecting only the tracks in your ProTools Session change the audio tracks to 5.1 Record bus.  Make sure you don't change the 4 tracks that you imported as session data.

Change the output path to bus to the 5.1 Rec (5.1) path

Tracks output should look like this


Set the surround sound tracks to the correct Panning settings

Using the Multi Channel Panner Windows

track order


To see the panning larger select the Output Window Button shown here

Set the Lfe Channel to this setting


Set it to "Zero" or Unity - this picture shows the LFE

slider set to -infinity of nothing. Turn up the slider

till you get a "0" in the LFE window.

Set the 5.1Printmaster and the LtRt Rec track to "R" record

Note the routing on the Printmaster and LtrtEncoder and Ltrt Rec
All channels out feed the 5.1 Rec out and 5.1 Rec out feeds the Ltrt Encoder that track is encoded using the SurCode Plug in and that track feeds the Ltrt Rec track that feeds out via the 5.1 path for monitoring
Must be set just like this example to work.

See this example to show the panning of all the audio outputs for 5.1-all channels should have a panning assignment like this

Click on the SurCode Plugin to make sure the encoding is turned on

Example of how the "Surcode" Plug in should be set


Click on the ENCODE side tab to make sure it's active


Should be highlighted in white


Also make sure the MODE is set to Pro Logic

Open the Transport tool Go to Window>

Click the Red Record button and then the blue Play button to start the playback and recording of the LtRt and 5.1 outputs

The outputs will be created in real time and can be monitored in the mix window so one can see the process working.



NOTE THAT YOU WILL ONLY SEE TWO TRACKS RECORDING. That means that it's working it's mixing down the 6 tracks to two LtRt tracks. If you see more than two tracks recording in the LtRt record window it's not working correctly and the SurCode encoder is not enabled. Make sure the ENCODE side is highlighted in the SurCode plugin window

Once finished the tracks will look like 6 channels shown here.


We want to export the LtRt as an interleaved .wav of only the Left and Right Channels

To do this right click on the LtRt track and choose Split into Mono

Next select the LtRt L and the LtRt R in the Edit window and the will be highlighted in the side bar Regions window when selected. Drag them from the Regions window to the LtRt track with nothing in it.

So the track looks like this

The next step is to export the selected "Clips" as files.
Make sure the tracks are selected in the edit window which will highlight them in the "Clips" window. Then click on the "Clips" title bar

Selecting the tracks here will highlight them in the "Clips" column 


Choose the Export Selected as a

24 Bit 48 K

choose a destination directory and click on Export

These are the files that each student needs to output true 5.1 and LtRt

6 tracks of 5.1 audio labeled properly and an LtRt labeled properly.