Organizing Audio Tracks for A Sound Mix -

This will save time in the MIX so you can do creative stuff and fix audio problems!!

Working this way decreases the amount of time an audio engineer needs to reorganize your project.

This is how to organize the audio tracks in your timeline

A1, A2: Main Dialogue or talking head audio - for example, the main speaker

A3, A4 : character voices audio
A5 : Narrator

A6, A7, A8: Foley or Sound effects

A9, A10 : Music cue 1
A11, A12 : Music cue 2

Note: if you can’t decide which dialog track you want to use either “Boom” or “Mic” then keep the tracks but turn down the volume on the track you are not

This is an example in AVID Media Composer of an

Example Timeline that is organized properly