AVID - How to create a Freeze Frame

Introductory text

1. Load clip in the AVID source window and mark in at the point
in the video to generate the freeze frame

2. (Note that AVID won’t create a freeze frame of a frame in the
timeline) If trying to freeze a frame in the timeline must match
frame that clip and then make the freeze frame.
3. To do a match frame put the blue cursor on the clip in the timeline
at the point to find the source clips match frame.

4. Then click the match frame button that is located in the
“hamburger” menu pulldown between the source and record

You can also put the timeline indicator on the frame in the timeline that you want to freeze

and make sure that video track is activated and choose "Match Frame Track"

5. When Match Frame is selected that will automatically load the clip
in the source side of AVID.
6. Mark an inpoint or place the blue cursor on the frame to match
7. Then click on>Clip>Freeze Frame>length of the freeze necessary.

8. Choose the storage drive of your choice to save the file and click OK.

By Susanne Kraft