AVID - Panasonic - DVX 200 - Quick Start Editing Workflow

Launch AVID
Click on the Folder ICON and navigate to where you want to save your file
Click On New Project

Title your Project in Project Name


Choose Ultra HD > UHD 23.98P as the Format of the project and click OK

Raster Dimensions match what we shot in UHD on the Panasonic DVX 200

3640 x 2160



Click OK

With the project selected in the Select Project Window

Click OK

Next Choose >Tools>Source Browser

Choose to Link not Import

Navigate to the DCIM folder for each card


Click on Link

The clips will load into the Bin shown here


In the BIN choose Format setting shown here
The format of the files will be H.264 3480 x 2160 23.976

Go to the Panasonic site


Resources TAB > LUT

Choose VariCam 35 3DLUT V-Log to V-709

To add the correct Panasonic LUT

Right click the clip and go to "Source Settings"

click on "Color Management Settings"
Choose Select LUT File

Navigate to where you stored the downloaded LUT from Panasonic website


Choose VLog to V709 for V35 ver100.cube


Click OPEN

The LUT will install and be selectable to add to your footage for color encoding.

Click "Close" to get out of the Color Management Settings

Now click on the drop down to select what Color Encoding

setting to apply.

Choose the VLog to V709 ro V35 to Ver100 (3D)

Click "Add" to apply it


This will show the "Color Transformation" applied

to the footage and it will look "Normal" not "Flat"

Select the clips and choose > Clip>Consolidate/Transcode

Then select where you want to save the consolidated files and choose the “Target Video Resolution”


We recommend

DNxHR LB MXF for "Offline" and DNxHR HQ for Deliverable High Quality



You can choose to bake in the color transformations if you check the "color encoding" box

If you don't the color transformations will be applied but they can be removed if you choose.


Then Choose Transcode

Edit with the master clip not the linked file


Notice the different icon for a linked file