Overcrank, Transcode with After Effects, edit with Avid

Identify your over cranked clips.

Open Resolve or Premiere and check the FPS column of your source footage.


(It's weird that Resolve thinks our example is 120 fps and Premiere thinks they are 119.88 fps)


Open After Effects

(we're using v14.0.1.5 here, but I could do this in version 4.1)

File > Import your over cranked files

Your clips should show up in your project window.

Notice they should also have a high frame rate (119.879 fps in our example)

Select one of your over cranked files.

Make note of its duration. (3:01 in our example here)




(After Effects uses the Greek Symbol Delta for duration (yay college))

Right click on the selected clip and choose Interpret Footage > Main...

Select the "Conform to frame rate:" radial button


type in the frame rate of your Avid project (we're 23.976 fps here)

Click OK

Notice that your clip's duration is longer.

(it was 3:01, now it's 15:00)

Right click on that same clip and choose Interpret Footage > Remember Interpretation
Select the other clips in the project window

Right click choose "Interpret Footage > Apply Interpretation"

to the other selected clips in your project window

Notice that all of their frame rates have changed and their durations are longer.

Now you need to set up

Render Settings...


Output module...


Choose "Edit > Templates > Render Settings..."
Click the "Edit..." button

These settings are probably fine and probably don't need to be changed, but just make sure yours looks like this, unless you're doing interlaced or something weird.

Click OK

Click OK

Choose "Edit > Templates > Output Module..."
Click the "Edit..." button
Click Format Options

Choose a video codec like Apple ProRes 422

Click OK

Click OK

Click OK

(Don't expect your audio to be in sync...this happens when you mess with the laws of physics)

Choose "Window > Render Queue"
The Render Queue shows up where the timeline would be
Drag one clip in your project window to the Render Queue

Click "Not yet specified" next to Output To:

Choose a Render destination folder

Click Save

Select the rest of your clips
Drag them to the Render Queue
Notice Compositions were made for every clip and added to the render Queue with the same destination
Click Render


After Effects will Estimate, but After Effects often lies when it comes to time estimation.


Quit After Effects (save if you want) 
Launch Avid
Open or create a project 
Use the Source Browser to locate your transcoded footage
Select clip(s) and click Link

Check you footage to make sure it's what you expect.

Then transcode or consolidate in Avid.

The Audio will most likely be unusable, but we can all hope.