AVID - NewBlue Titler Tool - How to Create Titles in 2K and 4K Projects

Go into your AVID Project – Click on the Effect Tab>Select NewBlue Titler Pro 2

Drag the Titler Pro 2 icon on to the timeline where you want to put the title

  • Drag and drop to the timeline where you want to put the title

You will get this Error hit OK

Just close this window - Don't click Continue with Trial

This interface will open and it is pretty easy to figure out

Font information is on Top and Position, Rotation and Scale is on the side.

Click on Style to change the color

  • The interface will open and it's pretty easy to understand what to do.
  • Here are some tutorials too


Close the tool click on the red close button in the upper left corner

and the title will be added to the timeline and you just need to render it

To Modify an existing title

Put the timeline indicator on the title you want to change

click on Effect Mode

Then click on Launch User Interface and FX will open

You can then manipulate the the title and re save it.

You can add dissolves at the beginning and end of the title to add fades in and out.