BYOD Instructions for DMC 3.208

DMC 3.208 has been setup with a wireless presentation system designed to create a unique collaboration environment where anybody can mirror their personal device on any of the screens in the room.  Built upon an always on AppleTV infrastructure, the system provides out of the box support for all modern Apple devices.  Android devices and Windows laptops are supported with the use of 3rd party software.  Follow the step by step directions to for your device to connect to one of the screens.

From the Crestron control panel you can choose to show different devices on each screen or one device on all screens.  Using the advanced configuration page you can gain even greater control over which device shows on which screen.

By default, Wireless A is the source that will show on the monitor on the teaching station and is connected to the audio system in the room.  

If the system is off when you enter the room, use the touch screen to turn the system on, selecting the Break Out option;

When in the Break Out page you can press the Wireless Break Out button to show different the Wireless Presentation receivers on their own screen through the room.  Or you can click on one of the Wireless Presentation buttons (A, B, C, D, E, F) to show the same thing on all the screens in the room.

If you need more control over which Wireless Presentation device shows on which Display in the room click the Advanced button.  From there you can specify which Wireless device you want to show on which display as well as choose which one you want to use for your audio source.