AVID - How to Create 2K and 4K Titles in Adobe Photoshop

Open Photoshop

Go to >File>New

Choose any of the UHD, 2K or 4K templates

Example choose Film (2K)

Choose Create

Click on the text tool

Pick the font and the size and the style
You will probably pick a large font like 55pt or larger

Type in the text for the credits

To save go to >File>Save

Title the saved file
Choose format Photoshop and choose a place to save the file and click on Save

Click OK here


Open the project in 2K or 4K or your existing editing project

Go to File>Input>Import Media

Click on Options

Options again

Choose >Sequence of Layers

Now add a video track to your sequence to edit the title into the timeline

Go to >Timeline>New>
Video Track

You title will import as a Matte Key and a sequence ignore the sequence and choose the Matte Key to edit into the timeline

Edit it in where you wat to place the title to "Key" over the lower video tracks.

The title will key over the video and look like this