Apple Garage Band - How to install additional Sound Library
Link to the apple loops
Download these from the link on the computer you want to install the loops
Will download like this
double click to unzip it

On the computer, you want to install the Loops –

Right click on desktop and choose show view options

Choose Calculate all sizes
Choose Use as Defaults

In Finder -> Go to Folder /var/folders/


Sort by largest file size

Open the folder that has the largest file size in this example "rv"

Open the folder

Double-click random string folder to open

Sort by largest file size and open folder (usually the 'C' folder)

Copy the '' folder (approx 21GB) into that "C" folder


Launch GarageBand app

Go to GarageBand>Sound Library>Select Download All Available Sounds

You can also check the Loops there should be 4502 if you are in D Minor Key

See the Loop Packs All Genres