Macintosh Teaching Stations - How to Enable Presenter Notes using the AirPlay Wireless Presentation System

PowerPoint - Presenter View using our Teaching Stations and the Apple TV's


Utilizing the new Wireless Presentation feature in our rooms, we are now able to use the built in Mac computer in a way that allows a person to show their PowerpPoint or Keynote slides on the main projection screen while showing their Presenter Notes on the instructor display on the lectern.


This ability is not available in conference rooms that only have a display on the wall without a teaching display on the classroom lectern.

Turn on the Audio Video System using the touch panel


Press the Advanced Button









Go to System Preferences


Make sure Show Mirroring Options

in the menu for when available is checked

Connect the Mac to the AppleTV using the AirPlay menu.  

Click on the Apple TV menu and select the

AppleTV you want to connect to. Look for the Room #

The AirPlay Passcode will show up on the projector

Enter this AirPlay code on the Mac

Once you are connected to the display go back to the AirPlay Menu and choose Use As Separate Display.  

This will make the Mac behave like it has two monitors connected.  


Open PowerPoint or Keynote and open your presentation,

PowerPoint Setup >

Go to the >Slide Show Tab> Presenter View


You may have to swap displays if the wrong one is the Main Display

When finished >Turn AirPlay Off









Remember that when you are finished, you need to choose Turn AirPlay Off so others may use the wireless presentation option from their device.