ProTools - What the other buttons do in the volume control in 5 CMB 1.122

Ever wonder what the other buttons do on this thing?

The 5.1 83dB SPL SMPTE X-Curve button does exactly that. When measured with a reference microphone at the listening position The Left front, Center front, and Right front speakers will each produce 83dB SPL individually, when each individual channel is fed a -20dBFS signal. The Left surround and Right surround channels will produce 80dB SPL, while the LFE channel will produce around 96dB SPL. Mostly the channels follow the SMPTE X-Curve frequency response (see the screen grab to the right.) This room follows the SMPTE RP 200 and 202.

Flat turns off all channels except the Left front, Right Front and LFE. This is for stereo (youtube) mixing. The LFE is used for bass management from the Left and Right speakers. The frequency is mostly flat from 125Hz all the way up to 20KHz. The LFE boosts the signal about 3dB SPL from 125Hz on down to 20Hz.

This is a really great listening environment to hear your favorite CDs.

-20dB SPL DIM takes the 5.1 or FLAT presets and lowers them 20dB SPL.

Mute mutes.