DaVinci Resolve - How to apply Face Refinement (Studio Only)

This effect is only available in Resolve Studio

Do a base grade on your first node (if that's how you work)

Add a second serial node for the face refinement by hitting alt/opt + s


Right clicking on the current node and choosing

Click on Open FX in the the upper right hand corner of the interface.

This should open the FX library.

Click in the search box at the top.

Type "face"

Drag "Face Refinement" to your new node.

If you dragged correctly, your window should automatically take you into the Face Refinement Settings.

Click the Analyze button at the top of the Settings window.

This could take a while.

Once the analysis is done, you can remove the overlay by deselecting "Show overlay"

Start at the top and work your way down...your numbers will probably be different. A little goes a long way.

If you take Brightening to the max, you'll get a demon type of effect.


It's easy to get your talent looking like a clown after a few adjustments.

The global blend at the very bottom is useful for bringing things back to reality.

And remember, all the slider settings have reset buttons to get you back to where you started.