Davinci Resolve, Premiere and AVID – BlackMagic Output to LG OLED Monitor Settings

CMB Edit Suites CMB 4.120 and CMB 4.112

Check the connection from the Thunderbolt 3 ADAPTER from the computer

connect to the Thunderbolt cable from the Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4K

Located under the desk

If working with a Mac Pro Tower make sure the thunderbolt cables

are plugged in

This is the Blackmagic device that delivers audio and video to the OLED Monitor

you can't see this because it is under the desk.

Turn on the OLED using the Remote

On the Mac Go to your System Prefs 

Select Sound

Select Output Tab > Blackmagic Audio

If Blackmagic option is unavailable make sure the thunderbolt cables are connected and

restart the computer.

Plug your headphones into the PHONES output on the ROLLS Amp. 

Make sure amp is powered on. 

Setup the PreSonus Monitor Station if the suite has one

How to setup AVID for Displaying HD, UHD and 4K video on the LG OLED


Choose to open your project or make a new one

23.98 fps is recommended

Make sure the output to hardware is enabled

Here it is disabled

Click the icon and choose UltraStudio 4K as the output setting

Once the project opens

Check the format

>AVID Media Composer


Make sure your project is set to this

UHD 23.976

If you don't see image out of AVID

troubleshooting tip is to set AVID format to 1080 23.98 then you should see the image

on the tv

Then back to this

Premiere Pro output settings

One note about Premiere - You have to set the preference

Choose "Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Playback..."

Choose Blackmagic Playback

Click OK

Click on the Setup and choose scale down

Choose "Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Audio Hardware..."
Make sure you Preferences look like this
If you get this error click Yes

Davinci Resolve output settings

Open DaVinci Resolve

Choose to Skip Tour

Do the Quick Setup even if you think U don't need it

Choose Ultra HD or HD

Browse to your Hard Drive to save the Media to

Select the magnifying glass and browse to your HD

Choose your hard drive to save the Media

click Open and then


Keyboard Layout is helpful if you already know another

application like AVID

Once your starting with Resolve you have to set a few more


Chose the UltraStudio 4K

For both Video and Audio I/O

You will have to close and open Resolve to apply the

hardware settings

So name and save your project

Reopen Resolve and chose your project to re-open that you

just saved

Simple import of Media

>File>Import File>Import Media

Change the frame rate to match the clips

When you import your footage make sure to note the

Resolution of the clips you are working with and

match the timeline resolution and project settings in Resolve

Then go to the Project Settings Icon in the lower

right corner of the screen of the application

Choose Master Settings

Since our media was 4096 x 2160

set the Timeline Resolution and the

Video Monitoring to 4K 2160p 23.976

You should see the image on the TV as well as hearing it