QuickTime MP4 with H264 Codec Compression - Use this Workflow to make a .mp4 not a .mv4 like Adobe Makes using a similar workflow

Open file in Quicktime 7

Then go to >File>Export

By Export

Choose MPEG-4

Then choose "Options" to set the compression settings

Choose the regular MP4 not the MP4 (ISMA)

Select the Video Tab in the Export Settings

Video Format: Choose H.264 from the pulldown menu

Data Rate: 2000 kbits/sec

Image Size: For SD 4X3
Choose 640X480 VGA

For SD 16X9 TBD…

Frame Rate: 29.97

Key Frame: Every 24 frames

Click on the Audio tab

Set Audio: AAC-LC (Music)

Data Rate: 128 kbps

Channels: Stereo

Output Sample Rate: 48.00

Rendering Quality: Best

Then choose the hard drive volume and folder to save the compressed file and click "Save"