Live Event Streaming - Black Magic Web Presenter + OBS

Live event streaming is available in:

BMC 1.202 Flemming Lecture Hall

BMC 2.106 Auditorium

BMC 5.208 Briefing Room

CMB 4.130 Production Control Room

CMA 5.136 Lady Bird Johnson Room

All of the streaming (as of 2019) uses Black Magic Web Presenter.   

The Web Presenter can be seen as a webcam and you can log in to any platform (YouTube, FaceBook, Twitch, Skype, etc) and begin streaming immediately.  

If you need to stream to an event you will need to use OBS (Open Broadcast Software),  copy the Stream Key from the platform you are using and paste it into the OBS interface.  

This WIKI is for streaming to YouTube

Create the Event

First log in to the Moody College YouTube account

Stache entry: Moody College YouTube Channel

Once you are logged into the Moody College YouTube Channel,

Click on the Camera Icon → and go to Go Live

Click on STREAM from the top menu

then click on NEW STREAM

The COPY AND CREATE button can be used for reoccurring events that would use the same settings. However, most of our events are one time events and would require a new event to be created prior to the event.

Enter the details for the event:

Event Title

Privacy setting: Public, Unlisted, or Private


Date and Time

Upload Custom Thumbnail (even if it is just a Moody Logo)

Lastly, Click the checkbox for → No, it's not made for kids

Click Create Stream


I usually go to and scroll down to the events

and copy and paste the information from the event calendar.

NOTE: If you want to stream internally for an overflow room make the stream Private. The default is Public. You will then have to go to the overflow room and log in to the Moody YouTube account, click on YouTube Studio (Icon on upper right) → Video (Menu list on left → Live (tab) - there you will find the live event

Stream the Event

Log in to the Moody College YouTube account.

Click on the Channel Icon (upper right corner).

Go down to YouTube Studio

Click on the Go Live icon to get to the event settings.

This is where you will where you find the STREAM KEY to paste it into OBS

Click on MANAGE to show the list of events

Open the event that has been created from the list of Upcoming Events


Now launch OBS (Open Broadcast Software)

OBS - Open Broadcast Software

Open OBS Preferences

Click on STREAM then paste the STREAM KEY

Click OK

OBS should already see the video from the Web Presenter but if it doesn't follow the steps below

Click the PLUS SIGN to add a video source

From the pop up menu choose VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE

Click CREATE NEW and name it

Choose the device you just set up

Next click on the + plus button again and choose Audio Input Capture

Choose Add Existing

BM WebPresenterAudio

Click OK

If you have a Mic/Aux input make sure it is turned down all the way.

BMD Web Audio 

To begin sending the stream to YouTube click START STREAMING

NOW GO BACK TO YOUTUBE - To GO LIVE on the channel

Here you will see the VIDEO PREVIEW and the Connection Strength / Health

When you are ready to GO LIVE on YouTube → Click GO LIVE

When the event is over - Click on END STREAM

Then confirm you want to end the stream

Now go back to OBS and STOP STREAMING

This will stop sending data to YouTube

Pack up and go home!