Pro Tools - How to Record Audio Using The CMB 1.106A Suite

In the back of the IMac make sure both

Thunderbolt cables are plugged in

Black one is for the HD Omni Interface

White one is for the AJA TTap

Launch ProTools

When ProTools opens click "Cancel" on the Quick Start Dialog. We do not want to open a session yet. Need to set up the routing and Playback Engine first.

Go To Setup > Playback Engine

HD Native Thunderbolt

OK – Protools may restart session to apply settings. This is OK

Go to Setup>I/O

Input – should look like this if not hit Default to reset

Output settings should be set to this.

Default - Output Bus – Stereo – Output – Built in Output 1-2 stereo

Click OK

Launch ProTools and click >Create Blank Session

Choose the following Session Parameters

Audio File Type:

24 BIT

Sample Rate:
48 kHz

Click OK

Name the session and choose where to save it

Make a new Mono (or stereo) track and title it

Create a track – click Create

Make a new Mono (or stereo) track and title it

Create a track – click Create

Go into the ProTools Menus >Windows > Show I/O view to display the I/O view on the track

Mute the control room output on the Omni.

Plug in headphones so you/talent can monitor the mic input while the "control room" is muted.

Set the Input to MIC

Plug in your mic XLR cable here to Ch. 1 or Ch. 2

The Pad and (phantom power) 48V can be accessed here.

Also the knob shown here controls the input level of the mic.

and select A1 (Mono) or A1 A2 (Stereo)

Record as needed using normal ProTools recording procedure by hitting play on the transport window while the record button is enabled.

Should see input levels in ProTools I/O view. Set inputs so the levels are in the green to yellow areas. If levels are going into red then turn down input faders on Mixing Board (explained above.)

Enable the record (red button) on the track you want to record on.

Click record and play on transport window to start recording.

To playback deselect record on both transport and track and unmute omni to hear on speakers – click Play.