Fixing a Corrupted QuickTime Video File using Grau GmbH Software

We only have one license and it resides at the helpdesk CMA 3.104 Ask Mark Rogers, Susanne Kraft and Jeremy Gruy about it.

Only for Moody College Use

Note you will need a good QuickTime to compare to the bad QuickTime.

Get a comparable QuickTime when you get the bad one.

Software is licensed on one computer on the mac mini

Go to the Videorepair tool > Launch the Software using the

"mac_start command"

Double Click that to Load it.

Choose English

 Choose Movie > Click this and then navigate to the corrupted QuickTime


Then Choose the Reference Movie >Click this then navigate to similar Quicktime

to use as reference.

Then click on Options


>Enable entropy scan

>Detect new movie clips

>Enable AVC1 single mode 

>Overwrite existing codec information by reference file

>Enable PCM detection

>Enable AAC Detection

>>>Reencode repaired movie files

Preset for reencoding MP4 same quality

Go back to Repair Tab and choose Scan to start repair scan