Pro Tools - Create 5.1 Surround interleaved wave audio file from mono files in ProTools

Drag all 6 mono files from the Finder to an empty protools project.

They must be named:







Where "XXXX" is some name, but needs to be the same for all files.

This will create a single 5.1 track with your mono surround files married together as one.

Next go to Setup > I/O...

Make sure you're on the output tab.

Choose 5.1 from the Default Format drop down.

Choose (SMPTE/ITU) from the path order

Click New Path

Select this dropdown

Choose 5.1

Name it something other than Output and click create

Click OK

Go To the mixer window by pressing Command + =

Select the output from the channel I/O

Choose the 5.1 output bus you created earlier.

Note: You probably won't be able to see the VUs move or hear playback since this output bus was not assigned to any physical hardware outputs.

Go back to your edit window by pressing Command + =

Make sure your audio file begins at the beginning of the project.

You may have to move it.

Choose File > Bounce to > Disk...

Your going to change these things

Change the Bounce Source to your 5.1 output bus path that you created.

Change the format to interleaved.

Click Bounce