Apple Disk Utility How To Format a Hard Drive Dual Format

Note: we don't recommend formatting the hard drive for dual format for editing projects!! Do this workflow at your own risk!

If you use this workflow make sure you have a backup hard drive because the likelihood your hard drive will crash is very high!! 

Connect your drive to the Mac computer

Once connected open up the Utilities folder.


Open Disk Utility

Select the drive you want to dual format and click on "Partition"

Click on the "+" button to add a partition.

Click on one side and set the following:

Partition Information

Name – Mac or whatever you want

Format – Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Click the other side and enter in the following:

Name – ExFat whatever you want

Format – ExFAT

Click on Apply

Then Click on Partition

The applying changes updated menu

The drive will show up in two partitions

ExFAT and Mac