Adobe Premiere Pro - How to Make a 5.1 HD 1920 x 1080 QuickTime using your Surround Sound Mix

Right Click on your sequence and choose select it for exporting a self contained quicktime

Right Click and choose Export Media

Choose Match Sequence Settings

Choose Entire Sequence

Choose where to save the file and choose Export

On The Export Settings choose

>Match Sequence Settings

>Click on the Output Name

Choose the destination for the file Save it to your storage drive etc. . .

Click on Export

When that is finished you are going to re import that file back into Premiere

Import the file you just exported back into your project

Import the 4K or 2K .mov you just exported

Import the 5.1 Interleaved File into your Premiere Project

Select the file and import
Choose the Interleaved 5.1 .wav

Next need to check the sync in your final timeline.
Locate the final picture locked timeline in your project and make a copy of it by right clicking the timeline and choosing Duplicate

Load the copy of the timeline by double clicking it to load in the program monitor

Test your surround interleaved mix with the timeline you just loaded by dragging it into your picture locked timeline and check for sync.

Solo the track with the small 5.1 on it that is your mix.
Adjust by slipping the mix in the timeline if needed. You should not have to do anything if you didn't change your timeline after you exported for the mix.
If you did have to slip it to get it in sync note that number of frames you slipped the mix.
Once the mix is in sync with the video go on to the next step.

Click on the New Item and choose Sequence

Choose Sequence

Choose HD 1080 DNX HQ 1080 23.976



Click on the Tracks Tab and then delete the audio tracks
Audio 2 - 4

Put a check box on the tracks 2-4

Click on the "-" minus button to delete the tracks

This will leave just one audio track


Set Video to 1 track
And change Master from Stereo to Multichannel and set
Number of tracks to 6

Change the Track Type of the one audio track left to 5.1

Title the sequence and click OK

Drag the imported 5.1 Sound file to the timeline so the beginning is at the beginning of the timeline
Slip the mix the number of frames you figured out earlier in the wiki. Only if you need to if it was in sync your fine don't change anything.

Make a video only edit on to your timeline on top of the 5.1 audio and make sure they line up
Make sure your movie is in sync you will be only able to check tracks 1 and 2 so you won't hear dialog but hopefully you can tell well enough.

The final check will be the QuickTime you will make next.

Export the QuickTime

Click on the Sequence to export and choose >File>Export>Media or click "Command M"

Choose Format QuickTime

Choose to Export Video and Export Audio

Preset Settings won't work we will have to make a custom setting.

But in the meantime choose GoPro whatever so we can modify it

>Choose Video Codec > Apple ProRes 422

Make sure it's 1920 x 1080 in the Basic Video Settings


Click on Audio tab and choose
Audio Codec - Uncompressed

Sample Rate 48
Sample Size 24

Audio Channel Configuration
Output Chanels
5.1 L,R,C, LFE, Ls, Rs

Click on the Blue Output Name and this is where you choose to save the file on your hard drive

Choose a destination for your file that is going to be exported

Choose Export

You may find other ways to do this on the internet. Ways that may seem legit, from legit organizations, like this one:
But if you follow this workflow, your mix will be wrong. Aren't you glad your attending UT.