Webcam - Record a lecture using QuickTime (Mac OS ONLY!)

This wiki explains how to setup and record a lecture using the screen capture function within QuickTime with audio from the webcam.

Prepare your presentation.

Example: Load/Open your power point presentation

Launch QuickTime Player

Choose "New Screen Recording" from the QuickTime Player File menu.

Choose "HD Pro Webcam C920" from the dropdown next to the round Record button

When you speak, these meters should move.

(The closer you are to the webcam, the clearer the audio will come through)

Click the record button

(running through a short test recording is recommended)

This notice will pop up. To start recording full screen, click anywhere on the screen.

If you want to just record a specific part of the screen


Click and drag out a rectangle to define that area and then recording will start.

Now switch over to your power point presentation and begin the slideshow

When you're done...

...switch back over to QuickTime and click the stop button in the upper left

Choose "Save..." from the File menu in QuickTime.

Navigate to the location where you would like to save this file.

Name the file in the "Export As:" box.

Click Save

Check your saved screen recording by playing it back

OR if you want to record just the audience and audio from class

Open Quicktime Player 10 not 7

>File >New Movie Recording

Click on the Red Record drop down

arrow and choose these settings

If you don't see the microphone option to

set to HD Pro Webcam close and re-open the

quicktime player app

Click on the red record button and record.

When finished click the same button to stop recording.

Next save the quicktime

Choose >File>Save

title the file and where to save it.