Pro Tools - How to Remove "RUMBLE" from CMB 1.106B Isolation booth recordings

You have a nice booth, a nice mic, and nice why is there noise?

Because you're right next to Guadalupe, a very busy street and down the hall from some very big and loud HVAC building equipment.

Fortunately, the tools to fix this are available.

Select your audio segment by double clicking with the region selector. The segment should turn dark like this.

Next go to the AudioSuite menu, choose, Noise Reduction, then choose iZotope RX 4 Connect


Click Send

RX4 Advanced will open with your audio segment loaded into it

Choose this tool, so you can draw a box around the problem area

Select the Low Rumble without selecting the audio you want

Choose Denoise

Click Learn

Double click the waveform behind the Denoise dialog box, it should turn a milky white so that you can apply this learned noise reduction to the whole segment.

Click Process back in the Denoise dialog box

Click Process again

Close the Denoise Dialog box

Click "Send Back"


You will not only hear a difference, you should also see one too