How To Export and FTP to the HyperDeck Mini

Launch Premiere

Choose "New Project"

General, Scratch Disks and Ingest Settings should be fine.

Click OK

Click the "New Document" button

Choose Sequence from the popup menu

Choose DNX SQ 1080i 59.94 from the Available Presets

Name your Sequence

Click OK

Edit your project.

When ready to export choose File > Export > Media

Choose QuickTime for Format


GoPro CineForm YUV 10-bit as the preset (this will change to custom soon)

From the video codec choose Apple ProRes 422

If you match source, you should not have any problems and your settings should look like this

Your Audio Settings should look like this.

Click Export

You may see this window

Then you'll see this one

Then open FileZilla

Type in the Hyperdeck Studio minis IP address into the Host space

hit enter and it should connect

If there are 2 cards in the unit, they will show up like this on the right hand pane

Double click on the "1" folder

Drag your file into the window

You'll see a progress indicator at the bottom pane

When done, you should see your file listed under successful transfers.

Now you should be able to play back from your hyperdeck studio mini